•Private studio for instruction in and enjoyment for the arts

Four Saturdays in June

Please contact if you would like to be on the waiting list.

June 9, 16, 23 and 30
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Increase your confidence in your drawing skills, in your ability to see value correctly, in your ability to mix the colors you want, be more deliberate in the quality

of your edges. We'll also discuss some composition considerations for more effective drawings and paintings. That's a lot to learn in such a compact workshop, but this workshop is as much for the brave beginner as for the seasoned artist who wants to build on her/his mad skills.

There will be an hour lesson on specific areas relating to being more accurate in drawing and painting at the beginning of each session. The remainder of the
time will be individual instruction. So, bring a current project to work on, or start something afresh. You may work in oil, acrylic or pastel, or focus entirely on
drawing, if that's best for you.

Supplies: Whistle Stop Corner has tables, chairs, table easels, odorless mineral spirits and walnut oil for you to use.

Oil Painters-
Pad of Drawing paper any quality, but at least 25 sheets. Masking tape. The blue or green kind is easier to remove. Drawing media Graphite pencils, 2B and softer, or charcoal pencils,
and kneaded eraser. Drawing board or piece of Masonite an inch or two larger in each direction than your drawing paper and your canvas or panels. 11x14 canvases or panels
(unless working on something already began). Palette- one with a lid is always good. 3-5 brushes from small to large (flats and filberts are most useful) oil paints: a good basic array
is Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White and Ivory Black. You may add and other colors you like. Two small lidded containers 2-6 oz is
large enough. A roll of paper towels or a stack of cheap paper napkins.

Acrylic Painters-
Same as above, but acrylic paints, of course. And only one lidded container.

Pastel Painters-
Same as above minus the paints and brushes and palette and containers. Instead, you'll need to have a good set of pastels, no fewer than 75 sticks, and be prepared to remove most, if not all of the paper labels. Medium value, neutral color sanded pastel paper is the best, but may use Canson Mi Tientes pastel paper in medium value, neutral color, as well. No Strathmore paper. At least 3 pastel pencils- brown, black and white. Newspaper or aluminium foil to make a dust catcher for the bottom of your drawing board. An old throw rug for the floor under your work area to prevent falling pastels from breaking.

Pad of Drawing paper- any quality, but at least 25 sheets. Masking tape. Blue or green kind is easier to remove. Drawing media- Graphite pencils, 2B and softer, or charcoal pencils, and kneaded eraser. Drawing board or piece of Masonite an inch or two larger in each direction than your drawing paper.

Susan Carlin 210-602-8562,,,

This portrait workshop -May 14-17, 2015, was like no other! I had the fortune of having three artists only for the three and a half days- a luxury rarely experienced. And I couldn't have been happier with those artists- Sharron, Nancy and Sue. They brought their full attentions and eagerness to improve their skills, as well as their good humor and shiny personalities to the workshop, so I was in Instructor Heaven. I love it when artists really push to earn new abilities and the confidence that goes with them, so these three made me VERY happy. I had to be careful not to hover too much, so I even had the chance to tinker with a portrait of Sharron that I started just to demonstrate the initial drawing/composition. As the three main days progressed, tucked in as I could, I was able to finish it and send it home with Sharron. WooHooo!
On Sunday, our friend Shelby modeled for us for three and a half hours- more luxury. For three and a half days we ate and painted and talked and drank coffee and sipped wine and walked over to Hays Street Bridge at sunset, and had some beer and fries at, where else? The Luxury. (A cute outdoor restaurant next to the San Antonio Museum of Art close to us.)
This really was a satisfying workshop. Thank you Sharron and Nancy and Sue!

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I am SO happy with how my Narrative Figure Inside went. We were a full house of twelve artists, each one giving their all. I'm so proud of how hard everyone worked. I saw some real stretching and reaching from each artist. That always makes me feel like my efforts to share what I've learned is worth every moment it takes to prepare and to teach. Thank you, Beautiful Ones!

Sue Bown was in the house again, this time with our intention that she stay out of the kitchen and just Paint. But, bless her, she made scones for breakfast one morning and put her special touch on each meal. Thank you, Sue!

We had some inspiring model sessions and some inspired paintings came from them. There wasn't a low energy moment in the whole three and a half days of workshop- it exceeded my expectations by a mile.

Outside of the workshop time itself, we have some beautiful memories of a fun walk on the bridge, a horse-drawn carriage ride to the Riverwalk, a crazy-good dinner at Paesano's, evening gatherings with glasses of wine on the porch, yummy breakfasts and lunches, artists in pajamas and robes after hours... Lovely, truly.

Here are a few photos from Susan Carlin's workshop.

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Our first workshop at Whistle Stop Corner was flat out fantastic. Carol Marine gave an amazing still life workshop for 18 artists for five days in November- the 10th through the 14th. One artist was an ex-pat living in Mexico, one came in from Canada and the others were from the States, with even a very few from Texas. We feel like we made 18 new, dear friends. We hosted nine folks here at our guesthouse and cottage, and the others stayed in nearby hotels. With the incredible leadership of Sue Bown from Bide-A-While in Dickinson, TX, we made breakfast for 14, lunch for 23 and even put on two 'movie nights' and an impromptu game night/dance party on our very last evening. A few artists stayed over an additional night, but eventually had to take them all back to the airport or wave them goodbye as they drove off for home.

Here are a few photos from Carol Marine's workshop.

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CMarine1   CMarine3  
CMarine2   CMarine4  





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